Social Development

Through the social work area, we create an ideal environment for the development of each individual through educational, sport, cultural and recreational activities, as well as creating a conscience about hygiene and personal care.

All our social work activities are directed to our workers and are destined to reach a change in attitude by forming a culture based in good habits, reflecting in the participation and exchange that permits them a pleasant, healthy and responsible stay at our facilities. Bringing the necessary knowledge for it to reflect and obtained by their communities of origin.

Social development areas we serve
With the goal in mind to reduce the impact on the environment, we work hard in the awareness of our workers, by stating the importance on care and conservation of our environment, through recycling, water care and reforestation campains.
We foment the coexistence and team work by doing sports tournaments, that at the same time permit them to interact with other people at the same time it can help as tension release, for they stay at the camp can be more relaxing and pleasant.
We bring artistic and cultural activities (plays, music, etc.) to create a healthy environment. Other activities include drawing and guitar lessons to promote personal growth.
Through informal education we seek the population to take conscience about the importance of hygiene habits in people, their environment and of course their families.
We seek to improve the education level through formal and informal education, by means of training in subjects such as financial education, savings culture, importance of education, values, family and by fomenting the development of abilities using technological tools. Through this area we make sure to promote school assistance, search for the improvement of the facilities physical structure in the communities where our workers live and seek to foment the adult education by linking with the National Institute for Adult Education.
Recreation and Fun Activities
We offer our workers alternative ways to enjoy their free time, so they can have a healthy distraction through activities such as dancing, playing American football, movie projection, singing tournaments(karaoke) and board games.
Our Facilities