Linkage with privates and government institutions.
For some years now, in Alta Foundation we have some agreements with public and private institutions to bring larger or bigger benefits to our workers in areas of education, health and social assistance:

    • Instituto Sonorense de Educación de Adultos.

    • Secretaria de Salud Pública.

    • Nacional Monte de Piedad.

    • Clinica Esquipulas AC.

    • Servicio Nacional del Empleo.

Linkage with universities and educational centers
After understanding the importance of linking educational institutions with a business company, the Alta Foundation has agreements with:

    • Universidad de Arizona.

    • Colegio de Sonora.

    • Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Alimentos.

    • Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla.

    • Universidad de Sonora.

We created agreements with the university of Arizona, the college of Sonora, and the food investigation and development center though the program Health Promoters, with the objective in mind of offering our workers relevant information in the prevention and detection of illness, in the development of communication and exposition abilities’ , providing educational material to increase knowledge and experience in their training.

The autonomous popular university from the state of Puebla and the Alta Foundation have signed an agreement for their students in medicine and odontology to complete their social service though professional practice and social service through student programs.

The university of Sonora supports our beneficiaries with services in nursery, medicine, sports, culture, nutrition, phycology, and social work, though professional practice and social service through student programs.

We also have a linkage with Esquipulas A.C. Clinic with its headquarters at Chiapas, where medical and dental attention has increased and was offered to hundreds of natives in the area who do not speak Spanish.