Medical Area
We provide first level personalized attention to our migrant workmen and their families by promoting, preventing, diagnosing and treatment.

• We develop education and healthcare campaigns, that permit them to form habits and attitudes toward the prevention of illness and accidents.

• We detect, analyze and control opportunely health risk conditions in the different job areas and housing helmets.

• We provide a medical checkup towards the correct diagnostic and treatment during the first level of attention.

• We offer immediate medical attention to individuals in emergency or urgency situations and is properly referred to a second level in case its needed.

We have 2 different clinic types
Established medical Clinic
Located at "La Cuesta", "Pozo Manuel", "Don Enrique" and "Santa Lucía", they offer their benefits to all collaborators from The Alta Group and its direct family members that live within the camps, as well as those who work at central office, including first level medical assistance, procedures and basic meds.
Mobile medical unit
Located at "El Compa", "Campo Grande" and "La Cuestita", they bestow their benefits to the inhabitants of those camps, and if indicated by the activity program, to the rural communities close by, including first level of medical assistance, procedures and basic meds.
Social Service educational programs

We have a program for medical interns where, the doctor forms part of a work team in a private assistance institution committed to the wellness of the migrant workers, performing as a leader at a healthcare clinic, bringing first level medical attention based on an attitude of service and human warmth, also educating on prevention campaigns and health promotion.

The Doctors detect unsecure conditions and behaviors that can risk the physical and emotional integrity of the beneficiaries, at the same time being able to develop professionally in a program of constant training that has academic sessions and clinical case review, in the time frame for their one year of intern as for his or her social service.