We offer our workers food with high quality standards, by guaranteeing healthy food through hygiene in our procedures, also by offering nutritional care and fomenting good eating habits. Offering a variety of meals, keeping in mind the regional likes of our workers.

Nutrition area services
Dining room
We have dining rooms where we provide healthy meals made with quality products and hygiene. The facilities, of those dining rooms, are at the best possible conditions which have extreme cleanliness and commodities, we have a/c, TV and/or Music. Everything to make this place a comfortable place for our workers.
We also have a store I where you can find a great variety of products, such as ones for personal hygiene, cleaning, and food. This done for our workers to have access to everything they need during they stay at the camp. Any utilities generated from this are destined for operative use.
Our camps have their own bakeries, so we can make sure that everything if freshly made and it can reflect on the flavor of things we make.