We praise the hard-working hands that transform the land into our food
We search to improve the quality of life of our agricultural workmen
We deliver the necessary means for a worthy stay
Our actions are in search of a greater impact in the families and communities of our workmen
"We search to encourage a change in attitude, by implementing a culture in personal growth, social and personal responsibility in our workers."
What is The Alta Foundation?

The Alta Foundation is the response of gratitude from The Alta Group to the farmers for their effort and performance over the years in the fields. From its start, The Alta Group has done its share in setting up preventive measures on workmen health, organized sports events and social activities. In January 2004, The Alta Foundation was established as a private assistance institution. A council was formed chaired by Ing. Alan Ricardo Aguirre Ibarra for guidance in completing its goals.

Today we count with 4 dental clinics, 4 health clinics in the fields and 2 mobile clinics, which are equipped to offer medical care and biological alternatives, where we offer general medical services, emergency services, therapies in which we count with rife therapy, sauna and other services.

We are Alta Foundation
Services we provide our Workers
Social Development
Through the social work area, we create an ideal environment for the development of everyone through educational, sport, cultural and recreational activities, as well as creating a conscience about hygiene and personal care
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Human Development
In this area we seek to increase our people's wellbeing by moral and spiritual means, and in a way lowering family violence and addictions.
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Medical Area
We provide first level personalized attention to our migrating workers and their families by promoting, preventing, diagnosing and treating at no cost.
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Dental Area
We have equipped our dental offices with high end technology to provide FREE first level dental services to all our beneficiary through a team formed by dental surgeons and odontological interns committed to improve oral health in their patients.
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We offer our workers food with high quality standards, by guaranteeing healthy food through hygiene in our procedures, also by offering nutritional care and fomenting good eating habits.
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Contact Information:
Street Address: Retorno Mercedes, Colonia: La Manga, C.P.83220, Hermosillo, Sonora, México.
Phones: (662) 2 12 23 34 & (662) 2 56 78 90
Email: info@fundacionalta.org